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Ted Wheeler for Multnomah County Chair

A little humor and a lot of substance goes a long way

Today, Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler has three successful campaigns under his belt with the help of Storefront Political Media. But in 2005, Ted was an unknown, first-time candidate when he decided to run against an incumbent for Multnomah County Chair in Oregon, which includes Portland and all of the surrounding suburbs. The key to victory in this campaign was running a policy-centric campaign without putting the voters to sleep. This gave Ted Wheeler — an avowed policy wonk — a great advantage as long as the campaign and the candidate had the right personality.

SPM worked with Ted and his team to create a significant policy agenda and highlighted those policies with a series of "Open Desk Hours" featuring the candidate on street corners throughout the district. Storefront also created a series of radio and TV commercials that used humor to define Ted, draw a contrast with the opponent and highlight the changes government needed to make. It's not often you get speak Klingon, call your own candidate a geek and repair old beat up pick-up trucks on your way to a 69-23% victory, but that's exactly what Ted Wheeler did.

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