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Yes on 3, Citizens to Restore Fairness

Language, values and gay rights

At Storefront Political media, we believe that Democrats too often cede the language of morality to our opponents. In 2004, the Yes on 3 Committee was determined to stop the repeal Article XII, a Cincinnati law that prevented employment and housing discrimination against gay and lesbian members of the community.

In an election year in which many attributed the strength and size of the Christian conservative vote to the success of the Bush Campaign, SPM helped Yes on 3 to become the only winning gay and lesbian rights campaign in the entire country — in usually conservative Ohio no less.

By refusing to cede moral language and imagery, the Yes on 3 Campaign argued that repealing the anti-gay discriminatory measure was inconsistent with the traditional Christian values of equality and tolerance. Our mail pieces "Not Just on Sunday" and "Our Daily Bread" highlighted Cincinnati as a city of faith and community and used local religious leaders to frame the gay rights debate in a new and ultimately successful way.

Daily Bread
"Daily Bread"
Not Just on Sunday
"Not Just on Sunday"