Storefront Political Media is a San Francisco-based, full-service communications firm that is known for its multi-channel advertising campaigns, innovative messaging and effective targeting on behalf of our clients. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, institutions and political candidates to develop thoughtful media and communications strategies that strike the right chord with their audiences.

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We create and produce television and radio advertising, direct mail, websites, email broadcast campaigns and digital advertising — including banner ads, social media advertising, online radio, pre-roll video and more. Our services include creative design, production and delivery..

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As general consultants, we provide campaigns with the media required for them to succeed — TV, mail, radio and web. We believe the best campaigns coordinate media across multiple platforms, simultaneously broadcasted, to break through the information “noise” in the modern world so that voters and audiences pay attention to your message.

Our firm is successful when you are — that’s why we  will help with any part of your campaign that contributes to a win — from the most basic fundraising appeal to the most complicated web strategy.

General Consulting

Our firm is best known for general consulting and overall campaign design, which forges disciplined messages with smart campaign mechanics to result in victory.

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We would work with you through all the steps of the cycle — from creating a comprehensive campaign plan and crafting simple, content-rich, powerful messages to developing a voter outreach strategy, analyzing fundraising needs and creating a fundraising strategy.

Multichannel & Media

At Storefront, we recognize that today’s communications world is rapidly changing. Perhaps no firm understands better that the media and message landscape in our country has been fundamentally altered in the past decade –

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— affecting how we persuade voters, communicate with customers and influence policy debates through advertising.

Storefront has pioneered successful tools to help clients navigate this new terrain in order to drive powerful messages for campaigns, causes, unions, nonprofits and corporations — rapidly organizing constituencies, generating financial and grassroots support and ultimately winning campaigns. We view the challenges of today’s advertising environment as presenting exciting opportunities for how to engage target audiences and move them to your side.

Coalition Building

We understand that strong coalitions provide the basis for successful campaigns. From candidates to ballot initiatives to union organizing and corporate outreach, having a wide-ranging base of support can make the difference between success and failure.

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We help bring new partners to the table, create consensus and craft plans that can actually be put into action, using the tools and resources of every member of the coalition. We develop comprehensive, strategic digital and traditional media efforts and leverage new direct-response tools that drive coordinated, grassroots campaigns.

Branding & Rehabilitation 

Over the years, our firm has worked with a number of clients to develop their brand and reach both the general public and a targeted influencer audience.

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We have designed and executed campaigns to positively move public opinion and overall brand favorability. Using messaging and targeting techniques, we can work with your team on a wide variety of projects.

Direct Mail 

Storefront creates high-impact mail programs that persuade swing voters, drive turnout and registration and win elections. No firm in America spends more time finding the right message, target and creative concept to drive the message home.

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Our process is time-consuming, but it works. We spend the time it takes with the campaign team to make sure we are reaching the voters who matter most with the messages that work best

Internal Communication

Politics isn’t limited to the halls of government and the buffet table at campaign fundraisers. And it isn’t always about the policy makers themselves, but the opinion makers and stakeholders who surround them.

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Some of the most impactful political communications victories we’ve helped engineer have actually happened inside corporations, nonprofits and campaigns. Because in today’s contentious business and political environment, how we communicate internally can at times be just as important — if not more important — than how we communicate externally.

Storefront knows that when it comes to internal communications, coalition-building and messaging are crucial. Whether communicating a new program or policy up and down the chain of command, restructuring a company’s approach to public affairs outreach or organizing employees to engage their networks on behalf of a cause – we know that activating these internal networks are key to a successful and efficient strategy.

Campaign Management 

Storefront is a one-stop shop for political and advocacy campaigns. From developing your message to building a comprehensive field and voter engagement strategy to strategizing …

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… political maneuvering, our team understands how important it is to work fast and efficiently while integrating all components of a winning campaign. With an in-house design and production team, we’re able to develop all creative advertising components of your campaign – from websites and digital advertisements to direct mail to TV and radio ads.

Digital Targeting & Advertising

We understand that effective digital and social media advertising operate as part of a campaign — not alone. They must be fully integrated into the overall campaign structure and support overall campaign goals, strategies and tactics.

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A key benefit of digital advertising is that it’s an efficient and cost-effective way to reach an audience. At Storefront, we understand that getting the right message to the right audience is key to ensuring that the campaign is successful. Not only can we provide effective, data-tested creative, we can work with you to identify your target audience and get your message in front of them.

Research & Data

Poll, plan, target, test, learn, repeat. Storefront makes data-driven decision-making a core tenet of all of our work. We use traditional and new polling techniques to develop multi-channel communication plans…

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…A/B test direct response messages and tactics and leverage the latest real-time analytics tools, sentiment analysis and discrete influencer targeting to reach the best audiences for your campaign or initiative.


Eric Jaye
Founder & Proprietor

Eric Jaye is the founder and president of Storefront Political Media, a California-based consulting firm with local, state and national clientele. He is also the founding partner of Storefront Political Labs, a firm designed to craft and test the very latest in communications and organizing tactics and tools.

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Jaime Rossi
Senior Vice President

Janaé Headly
Senior Director

Milan Adaea Zavolta
Junior Account Executive

Maurya Tollefsen
Vice President

Luis Hernandez
Executive Producer & Content Strategist

Anne Walzer
Graphic Designer

Emma Sullivan
Chief of Staff

Andrew Cullen
Senior Account Executive

Charles Preston
Graphic Designer



Matt Mahan for Mayor of San Jose

Media: TV Commercial, Web Commercial, Web Design

Jane Kim for State Senate
Media: TV Commercial

Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor
Media: Logo, Web Design, Branding, Video

Media: TV Commercial

Ted Wheeler for Mayor
Media: TV Commercial

Campaign: Sam Liccardo for Mayor
Media: 9×12, 9×22 Mail Pieces

Campaign: Re-Elect Mayor Annise Parker
Media: 9×12 Mail Pieces

 Repair San Diego
Media: TV Commercial


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