Grant Martin
Of Counsel

Grant Martin has helped to create winning campaigns for 23 years, including 13 years at Storefront Political Media as a Senior Account Executive and Director of Operations. A native of Houston, Grant has worked to elect and re-elect women, candidates of color and gay and lesbian candidates – including Houston Mayor Annise Parker, the first openly gay or lesbian mayor of a major American city and Sylvester Turner, the city’s second African-American mayor. Grant currently serves as a senior advisor to Mayor Turner. Grant has also maintained a focus on Northern California, working to elect a diverse group of leaders in races for California Senate, Assembly, county supervisor and mayor’s races, and on ballot measure and independent expenditure campaigns.

Grant has been a volunteer trainer working nationally to provide grassroots fundraising and other skills to LGBT ballot measure campaigns and first-time LGBT and minority candidates. A former attorney and small businessman, Grant started his career in politics in 1995 as the policy and issues director for Roberta Achtenberg for San Francisco Mayor.